Power supplies

The quality of mains power supplies......

Many factors influence the quality of sound from any hi-fi system, obviously the care taken in the design and build of the equipment it contains is a key factor, as well as how each element is integrated into the system as a whole. The listening room and the environment in which the system is located is also important but there is a factor over which most people have very little control, the quality of the mains electrical supply feeding the individual components of the hi-fi system.

You may expect that high quality equipment built using superior components will not be affected by the quality of the mains. However unfortunately sound quality can be compromised by noisy or poor quality mains supply, as no equipment design can take full account for all possible local issues that can be encountered in every environment. The source of the interference could simply be an interaction with another piece of equipment in your system, or something in another room of your house, and with a turntable its obvious that anything that could influence the speed of rotation of your turntable motor, even minutely will be heard through your system.

Why do we need MFP 1 & 2 mains filter power supplies?

The mains electrical supply as its generated and how it arrives at your home is usually well defined and under normal conditions reasonably clean and free from anomalies. However increasingly we live in an environment of electrical pollution, especially with many devices contained within our homes, or in the case of multi-occupancey buildings or flats, it may be your near neighbours, or local agriculture or industry that can be a source of electrical pollution, in the form of dirty mains or electromagnetic noise transmitted on the mains wiring of a house.

As we all introduce more technology into our homes this problem is increasing. Any device that contains a switch-mode power supply e.g. Wi-Fi hubs, all modern phone, laptop,& tablet chargers & power supplies, or other domestic sources such as induction hobs, energy efficient florescent lights, computers, dimmer switches, or even from green energy sources like Photovoltaic solar panel systems, as these installations include inverters that are required to generate the correct voltage in order to feed this green energy back into the mains electricity supply, as a result unfortunately these usually generate significant amounts of local electromagnetic pollution, resulting in a dirty mains electrical supply.

The iota power supplies

We have developed a range of dedicated power supply units to increase the performance of components in your hi-fi system. These are the iota MFP 1 our dedicated turntable mains filter power supply, the iota MFP 2 a larger capacity mains filter power unit for multiple items in your system, and our two speed turntable mains regeneration unit the iota T/T-2 speed PSU.

For our turntables we have a very reliable, high quality, 24 pole AC synchronous motor, this inherently low noise motor we also encapsulate to provide damping and decouple from the structure. The motor is supported by a bespoke thrust pad and bearing assembly for the motor shaft, the thrust pad ensures the motor runs in the ideal position under all load conditions and this bearing assembly uses synthetic lubrication. The motor is fitted with a CNC precision turned two step aluminium pulley & direction and “phasing” is defined by high quality components on the electrical control board mounted adjacent to the motor inside the turntable module.

So a lot of care and attention has been taken in selecting and applying a high quality motor system, driving a meticulously constructed sub platter through a round section Nitrile belt, all to ensure low noise and reliable operation. However the one aspect that we have no control of is the quality of the mains supply in your home environment.

MFP 1 mains filter power unit...

As all our turntables use a high quality, low noise, 24 pole AC synchronous motor, therefore to ensure motor performance is not compromised by poor mains or noise, all iota turntables are supplied as standard with our MFP 1 mains filter power unit, this is designed to protect the turntable from any anomalies or extraneous noise that may be carried or picked up on your home electrical supply that could ultimately affect the motor.

The MFP 1 is constructed in an extruded aluminium housing available in black or silver finish, this contains a multi stage filter network using high quality components, it is double shielded and uses star earthing in its construction, it is also separately fuse protected. The unit is fitted with the front mounted illuminated rocker switch, and has on the rear a standard IEC mains input as well as dedicated socket for the turntable. The unit is generously rated at 250 watts so offers considerable “headroom” with regard to supplying the load of a turntable. The iota MFP 1 mains filter power unit can also be used with a large number of other suitable turntables on the market.

The down side ? To change the speed of our standard turntable you must manually move the round section belt on the easily accessible motor pulley, we believe this a small price worth paying! However if this is a compromise too far, or you simply wish for more performance without the loss of convenience please see the iota turntable T/T-2 PSU, (details below).

MFP 2 mains filter power unit...

Other sensitive key elements of your Hi-fi System may also benefit from mains noise protection or isolation, such as the phono stage, pre amp, or DAC etc. Therefore we also offer a larger capacity mains filter supply that can be used with multiple items, the MFP 2, this is designed to be used to protect your equipment both from interference in your environment as well as any noise generated or interaction from other components within your hi-fi system.

The MFP 2 allows you to separate & divide the digital items in a system from analogue equipment further enhancing the sound quality of your system.

This units is built in the same type of extruded aluminium housing available in black or silver finish, with a front mounted illuminated rocker switch, and a rear mounted, fuse protected IEC socket, but the MFP 2 is fitted with a captive mains cable and a block of mains outlet sockets, and has a rated capacity of 750 watts, so will therefore support several different devices at the same time.

The iota T/T-2 speed turntable PSU...

This unit takes the isolation and removal of unwanted external electrical variations acting upon the turntable to a whole new level! The iota T/T-2 speed turntable PSU is our high quality external turntable power supply that provides precise speed control by isolating the turntable from variations in mains frequency and voltage by mains regenerator. This unit provides frequency stability as its crystal locked and referenced to +/- 30 parts per million. In fact in order to provide both 33 and 45 RPM at the flick of the front mounted toggle switch, for this two-speed model we commissioned specific crystals, these were ground to our exact specification.

The sine wave to drive the motor is generated by direct digital synthesis, and the output is defined for both source impedance and voltage. The unit has been designed to offer excellent "headroom" with regard to the applied turntable motor load. The output from this unit offers five times the maximum load on a continuous basis. With more than eight times the maximum load available short term. This of course ensures that the power supply can be used with a large number of other suitable turntables on the market. For all other international mains supplies & none UK/ EEC voltages the unit is P.O.A.