Design, History, & Development.

Mark Hudson BSc (Hons) of HiQ Sound, Mark is a music enthusiast with a vast array of professional design skills and experience in all aspects of the audio world; HiQ Sound is a company originally formed to design and produce equipment supporting the professional live and recorded music industry.

As a result he has been responsible for the design and manufacture of studio equipment, amplification, Hi-Fi & studio monitor and live event loudspeakers, as well as control equipment, digital processing, and even a range of electronic musical instruments.

He not only  works on his own designs but is also involved as a design consultant for many of the biggest names in both professional audio as well as many Hi-fi manufacturers.

His vast design experience covers all aspects of the industry from the design of individual integrated circuits, to loudspeaker design in all its aspects including the design of drive units, crossovers, and enclosures, and as such he holds a number of patents on specific aspects of unique loudspeaker technology.

He has been responsible for the design, and installation of sound systems in some very prestigious and important venues from recording studios, and professional theatre and performance venues to luxury five star hotels.
In addition he carries out design work in the field of digital audio and as well as amplifier designs and development.

Through his involvement in the domestic and professional music world he has also built an enviable reputation in the restoration of classic valve amplifiers and equipment, this has resulted in some exciting recent developments of which more details soon.

Nigel M Brown of QT Products, Chantry Audio, & previously originally in partnership with Tom Fletcher in Space Acoustics. The original designers and manufacturers of The Space Deck & Space Arm. Nigel an engineer with a life long love of music and a desire to understand how things work, and therefore how to improve performance and overcome problems.

Building the first turntable entirely to his own design during 1982, this utilised no commercially available parts and all materials selected were to offer solutions to problems as he perceived them, the final results were very encouraging. So he then went on to develop further variations of the design to produce a commercially viable product from the original concept.

During this process Nigel was introduced by a mutual friend, to the now sadly missed Audio legend Tom Fletcher who at the time was working entirely alone producing the original Omega Point turntable and arm sold under the names of New Line engineering, & Nottingham Analogue Studio. Tom was able to see and hear Nigel’s original turntable designs and it appears Tom liked the results they produced as shortly afterwards Tom suggested pooling resources on some future projects. As a result they subsequently formed a partnership, with the company then known as Space Acoustics.

Space Acoustics subsequently exhibited their turntables and speakers at the London international Hi Fi Show, something neither partner had ever done before, and all the products were extremely well received, as a result links were formed with future trading partners from around the world for both the turntables as well as the speakers that were exhibited.

This partnership proved to be a very productive collaboration, during the time of this partnership  working together on three very different turntable designs, as well as the evaluation and selection of the first of the cartridges to be used with The Space deck and future turntables. Nigel also designed the five sided, floor standing, two way loudspeakers, The Space 50’s and began work some time later on a smaller stand mounted  Space 25’s.

After the Space Acoustics partnership was by mutual agreement dissolved. Chantry Audio was created and run for the next eighteen years. The company sold a truly diverse range of products covering budget to high end audio, by names such as:- Krell, Audio Research, Wilson, Sonus Faber, Martin Logan, DNM, Croft, Pink Triangle, Meridian, Creek, Epos, Rotel, B&W (inc 800 series), Michell Eng, Avid, SME, Ortofon, Dynavector, Koetsu, Thorens, Nottingham Analogue, Project, Rega, Audion, Copland, Prima luna, Theata, DPA, plus many, many, more, as well as a range of home cinema and home automation and installation products covering a similar range of products and prices.